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Artificial Intelligence for Quality Management

Amplo takes Quality Management of IoT devices to the next level. We provide customized machine learning models, operated in the cloud, that diagnose your service tickets and continuously monitor your machines. Our QM tools are easily integrable with APIs into your IT infrastructure. This results in zero diagnosis time and minimal repair times for a fraction of the costs!

Amplo APIs helps these companies:

Using Amplo, you…

… Directly know the root cause of an issue with our Automated Diagnostics service. No longer do your expert service engineers need to plow through hours or weeks of data to diagnose any issue. 

 … Never endure unexpected downtime with our Predictive Maintenance service. Always schedule your service and ship your spare parts in time! 


Why choose for Amplo?


Easily-Integrated APIs

Our APIs are easily integrated into your workflow. You have the freedom to implement this anywhere you like. We can also provide extensions for any service platform!


Custom, Sophisticated Models

We use state of the art machine learning, which is fully optimized for the historical data of your machines. We gladly use your input to maximize performance! 


No Upfront Cost

Even though our APIs are customely developed for your machines, we offer our services without any upfront costs. After a free 6 month trail, you still enjoy a flat fee per month!

Got ~30 minutes somewhere this week?


This is Amplo

Amplo is a Zurich-based startup and was founded in June 2020. We have our offices in the Bluelion incubator. We spend about a half a year developing all the cloud systems and machine learning tools to make the predictions as accurate, the cloud systems as lean and the onboarding process as smooth as possible.

Oliver is experienced in designing & researching Power Electronics. Aside being an exceptional engineer, having designed anything from electric motors to pulse generators, Oliver has good entrepreneurial skills. His experience on the board of TB Safety and as Project Lead at the innovative Swiss startup Blockstrom AG, make him the perfect CEO.


Co-Founder & CEO of amplo


Niels is our Cloud Computing and Machine Learning expert. He developed Amplo’s Continuous Learning models during his MSc thesis. He gained Project Leading & DevOps experience from being Department Lead at FS Team Delft and Top-Rated Freelancer at Upwork, which provides a strong foundation for our CTO.


Co-Founder & CTO