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Eliminate failures in Power Electronics

47% of downtime in Power Electronic Systems is caused by failure of individual components. The fast increasing number of these sustainable energy converters are system critical, making downtime extremely costly and frustrating for both users and operators. With Amplo PM APIs, it has never been easier to observe and assess the state of health of all your assets.

Use sophisticated failure predictions through easily accessible PM API’s

Start using predictive maintenance today. Upload your data and our Machine Learning pipeline optimizes sophisticated predictive models with no effort. The models are hosted in the Amplo Cloud, which seamlessly communicates with your devices and software. Integration of our predictions is made easy through the accessible Amplo PM API. By the end of the week, you can service your products before they fail.

Companies already benefit from Amplo:


Predictive Maintenance API’s

Amplo provides off the shelve Predictors and Indicators for various use cases. They predict or indicate different failure modes and states of your power electronics systems. These include: 


Capacitor Failure

Mechanical Insulation Failure

Thermal Aging Inductor Core 

(beta) Switching Failures


Cooling System Health 

Grid Quality

Environmental Harshness

PV Power Capacity

Battery Capacity Degradation


Why choose for Amplo?


For mass-deployed power electronics

Our cloud systems can handle 10.000s of devices per client. Plus, with more data comes better predictions!



Predictive Maintenance has never been so easy. With our user guides, you can easily integrate PM into your workflow!


No Upfront Cost

There are zero fees before you get predictions. We even analyse for you whether PM is profitable for you!


Predictive Maintenance within a Week

Due to our streamlined processes, we can serve predictions within a week of data exchange!


Continuous Learning

Systems are ever changing, and so should your predictions. Our models are continuous adapting!


Transfer Learning

Build on our experience. We exploit additional data from similar Power Electronics systems to improve predictions even further!


This is Amplo

Oliver is experienced in designing & researching Power Electronics. Aside being an exceptional engineer, having designed anything from electric motors to pulse generators, Oliver has good entrepreneurial skills. His experience on the board of TB Safety and as Project Lead at the innovative Swiss startup Blockstrom AG, make him the perfect CEO.


Co-Founder & CEO of amplo


Niels has significant experience in Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. He developed Amplo’s Continuous Learning models during his MSc thesis. He gained Project Leading & DevOps experience from being Department Lead at FS Team Delft and Top-Rated Freelancer at Upwork, which provides a strong foundation for our CTO.


Co-Founder & CTO