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I am very happy to announce that recently Niels and I, Oliver, founded Amplo GmbH, a pragmatic data analytics startup focused on Predictive Maintenance!

Niels and I met back in 2016, when we worked together on a very exciting student project. During an intense year aside our masters, we were part of the prestigeous Formula Student Team Delft, designing the electric motors and building a full electric racecar. We took this car to multiple competitions all across Europe to race against 150+ universities!

Although we work in slightly different fields, me in Electrical Engineering and Niels in Control Engineering, we had such an easy time working together. Outside of the project we met frequently and became good friends.

Then Niels went to Australia for his masters thesis. During an awesome visit I learned about his project in Fault Prognosis, which got me extremely excited about the possibilities. This is where the idea originated, I directly envisioned a strong business case. After his master thesis presentation I approached Niels and asked him why not taking the chance to found a company which can make this technology available to many more. We decided to let the idea sink in and give it some more time. We both did our market research to evaluate our chances. Moreover, Niels acquired in no time a freelancing job where he was able to design pragmatic and result-driven data analytics for a first customer. Over quite a few beers, we decided to go for it. 

Since then a lot has happened. Currently we have our own company and although we’ve already completed several freelance projects, we’re looking for our first official Amplo clients!
Our vision is explained extensively across our brand new website, so please have a look at our completed projects, what we do and our vision! We are looking forward working with you!