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A Cloud-Based CMMS Focused on Predictive Maintenance


Amplo turns your data into actionable insights. Our CMMS uses custom designed online machine learning models which estimate when your assets need servicing.
We can implement this wherever it is most convenient for you. We can host everything in our own Cloud environment or design custom dashboards and applications and for your existing workflow. All to ensure that the right information is exactly where it needs to be. 

Top Features

Accurate Predictions

 Plenty of CMMS’ offer ‘Predictive Analytics’. Generally, these rely on off the shelve Linear Regression models. We take this many steps further. We develop multiple advanced self-learning models based on carefully selected data. These models provide advanced state of health estimation, failure prediction and anomaly detection! On average, these state-of-the-art machine learning models perform  60% better

Full Predictive and Management Platform

We provide a CMMS with all the analytics you need. All this information is readily available on the Cloud, making a Client Portal for State of Health Estimations extremely accessible! Furthermore, our CMMS is KPI driven, to constanlty provide you with essential information for optimal decision making. 

Designed by Engineers

Everyone in our team shares a background in engineering. Therefore, we fundamentally understand the physics of your machinery. This helps us significantly to find and calculate the best predictors. We use these predictors to achieve maximum performance of our machine learning models! 

Predictive Maintenance as a Plug-in

If you’re not waiting for another new software platform we can also provide you with just the Predictive Analytics.
Instead of providing a full CMMS platform, we connect our predictive web server to your data storage and Management Software. From that point on, the analytics is available directly in the tool you were already using!