Our Vision

We believe Predictive Maintenance is a great starting point for your Industry 4.0 adventure, reducing your costs and downtime for a small investment. We believe this can be done best by custom software, solely developed for your specific needs. Furthermore, we believe that the underlying Machine Learning models should continuously learn from your data, so that our models are still predicting correctly in ten years from now or after sixty software updates. 

Aside our Custom Implementation and Online Learning approach, you need to the right expertise and mindset to succeed in today’s data projects. At Amplo, we believe that a candid, pragmatic and result oriented approach creates the best framework for success.

  • Candid:
    Only in an open and honest collaboration, we can identify your needs and problems. There are a lot of pitfalls which are caused by misunderstandings and misaligned expectations in today’s data projects.
  • Pragmatic:
    Our entire team benefits an engineering background. We rather exploit physical features and your practical experience of your asset to overcome obstacles than endlessly trying to add layers to a neural network. 
  • Result Oriented:
    Data scientists have a tendency to over engineer the solution. In an early stage, we set feasible goals which can be achieved efficiently. We seek quick wins, which immediately drive value for your maintenance process. We don’t solve the hardest data science problems, we solve the problems that cause frustration at your clients, or slow your mechanics down. 



Meet the Team

Niels Uitterdijk

Niels Uitterdijk

Co-Founder, CTO

I have a strong interest in Electric Vehicles and all invisible forces that shape our world. That’s what motivated me to complete a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Systems & Control Engineering.
I conducted my MSc thesis in the industry of Predictive Maintenance, which turned out so valuable that I decided to co-found Amplo. Aside this thrilling challenge I enjoy running, and watching rugby and F1. 

Oliver Keel

Oliver Keel

Co-Founder, CEO

I developed a passion for engineering while tinkering as a young kid in the workshop of my father. By studying mechanical engineering and working as an engineer, my passion became my profession. New challenges for a more sustainable and efficient future motivate me. 



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